Docker guide

Install docker (you may need to reboot afterwards)

pacman -S docker

Start docker

systemctl start docker

Check docker information

docker info

Search a remote image at the Docker Hub by the keyword ldap

docker search ldap

Create a container (-i for interactive mode and -t for tty)

docker run -i -t debian /bin/bash

See all containers

docker ps -a

Rename a container

docker rename thirsty_poincare debian_container

Start a container

docker start container_name

Attach to a container

docker attach container_name

Delete a container

docker rm container_name

List all the downloaded images

docker images

Detach from container


Create a new image called “ldap_server” from a container

docker commit container_name ldap_server

Create a new container from the image “ldap_server”

docker run -i -t ldap_server /bin/bash

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