Intel NUC D34010WYK – Accessing and updating the BIOS

For some reason my USB3 external HD wasn’t being recognized by my NUC. I had a very old BIOS version, so I tried updating it, which solved the problem. Here’s how:

Search for the latest bios:

In my case, it was this one. Download and save the .bio file in an USB key.

Open your NUC and look for the BIOS security jumper:

Change the jumper’s position so the F2 for accessing the BIOS will work:

Now boot the NUC with the USB key (with the .bio file) connected and press F2 to get the BIOS. There, press F7 to update it:

Select the .bio file:

And start the update:

After that, my USB 3 external hard drive was recognized again.

One thought on “Intel NUC D34010WYK – Accessing and updating the BIOS”

  1. I realise this is 4 years after you posted it, but I just wanted to say thanks that this actually made me realise why an old second hand NUC I purchase just would not accept a BIOS upgrade.
    Thanks for taking the time to write it up and share it, esp the photos which helped me realised the NUC I had was in protected BIOS mode.

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