irssi with OTR, custom theme and desktop notifications

Install irssi and libnotify

pacman -S irssi libnotify pygobject perl-html-parser

Now cd to your build-repos folder and clone irssi-otr

cd .build-repos && git clone

Enter folder and make the package

cd irssi-otr && makepkg -sri

Add otr to irssi startup

echo "load otr" >> ~/.irssi/startup

Create scripts and autorun folders

mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun

Enter the autorun folder and download, (nicklist in statusbar) and

cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun

Download a theme and place it into ~/.irssi/


Now start irssi


Paste these settings. Edit as you like.

/set nick johndoe
/set alternate_nick johndoe_
/set user_name johndoe
/set real_name johndoe

/NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^msg nickserv identify pass;wait 2000"
/NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^quote vhost slackware alterland;wait 2000"
/NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^oper johndoe pass;wait 2000"
/SERVER ADD -auto -ssl -network 6697
/CHANNEL ADD -auto #Linux
/CHANNEL ADD -auto #Phreakers

/set awl_viewer off
/set theme lenten
/statusbar window disable
/statusbar dr_who enable
/statusbar dr_who add dr_who

Customize further if you want.

/set awl_block 20
/set awl_display_key $Q%K|$N%n $H$C$S
/set awl_display_key_active $Q%K|$N%n $H%U$C%n$S
/set awl_display_nokey [$N]$H$C$S
/set awl_placement top|bottom

Formats info, taken from

# formats can be cleared with /format -delete
# /format awl_display_(no)key(_active|_visible) 
# * string : Format String for one window. The following $'s are expanded:
#     $C : Name
#     $N : Number of the Window
#     $Q : meta-Keymap
#     $H : Start hilighting
#     $S : Stop hilighting

If you see an error like this

"adv_windowlist: Can't locate Text/ in @INC (you may need to install the Text::CharWidth module)"

You need to install perl-cpanplus-dist-arch

pacman -S perl-cpanplus-dist-arch

Setup (not as root)


Now type cpan to get the console and:

install "Text::CharWidth"

One thought on “irssi with OTR, custom theme and desktop notifications”

  1. Hi!

    I’m pretty sure, this isn’t where I should ask for this help, but I’m thinking that it could be my best change,
    to be redirected to somewhere or someone that can help me.

    I’m not really NEW NEW to irssi, but you can still call me a novice.

    My project I’m working with, is nothing hard or heavy at all.
    All I’m doing, is to change a few formats for the AWL (, and I’ve managed to do a few of them on my own.
    But now, I’m kind of in the dark, or….correction, I’ve been in the dark all the time, but I’m used to work my way forward, step by step, until
    I’ve reached my goal. It can take time, a lot of time! I’m telling you, last night I sat 2 hours to get one single format setting as i wanted it.

    Now to my problem, I’ve searched and searched, but can’t find WHERE it is.
    I so REALLY much want to know where the settings for the prefix and suffix for the nicks are,
    what the format ”variable” is (if it’s really even a format). I want to do this, just for the cause I can’t stop when I’ve started something.
    And this is killing me now when I’m stuck

    Mind this is a chat, i want the to be like ~nick~ just for an example.

    12:58:53 ~ meffe+~ i think I’m getting thai!
    13:03:47 ~franstam+~ dinnertime catch u guys later
    13:05:56 ~valdur55+~ oh. much better.

    I really hope you can help me, or point/redirect me in the right direction!

    Best regards – Joohan

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