PHPDocumentor without composer

First install the module php-xsl

pacman -S php-xsl

Enable extension with vim /etc/php/php.ini and restart apache

Move to the folder where you want to keep phpdoc files, download extract and rename. Check for the latest release.

cd ~/.build-repos && wget && tar xvfz phpDocumentor-2.9.0.tgz && mv phpDocumentor-2.9.0 phpdoc

Now just link the executable to a folder in your path

ln -s /home/dth/.build-repos/phpdoc/bin/phpdoc /home/dth/.bin/phpdoc

After that, from whenever you are, you should be able to call phpdoc. To test:

phpdoc run -h

To generate documentation (default template: clean)

phpdoc run -d  -t [target folder] --template responsive

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