Setting up newsbeuter

First, install newsbeuter

sudo pacman -S newsbeuter

Create config folder

mkdir ~/.newsbeuter

Create inside the config folder, a urls file to contain your feeds, one per line. Add tags between quotes. "blog" "linux" "radio" "programming"

Create config file and add theme (this is the default, modify as you like)

background          white   black
listnormal          white   black
listfocus           yellow  blue   bold
listnormal_unread   magenta black
listfocus_unread    magenta blue   bold
info                yellow  blue   bold
article             white   black

Start newsbeuter


If get an error message like this:

"setlocale failed: No such file or directory"

Make sure your locale is uncommented in /etc/locale.gen and then

sudo locale.gen

Start newsbeuter and type capital R for a full reload


My current config file

color listfocus           green  black   bold
color listnormal_unread   green  black
color listfocus_unread    green  black   bold
color info                green  black   bold
color article             white  black

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